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The core objective of any online store is to provide the users with an in-store experience and provide the administrator with accessible management facilities. At Jadrel IT, a certified eCommerce website development company in Romania, we take care of both the requirements by ensuring the following criteria for our online store development services:

The Users
  • Easy Navigation & Engaging Interface
  • Categories & Filters to Streamline Search
  • Multiple Product Images For Real Life Feeling
  • Secured Payment Gateways
  • Easy & Quick Checkout Process
  • Proper Order Tracking Modes

The Administrator
  • Easy To Track & Manage Orders
  • Manage Offers & Discounts
  • Manage Product Attributes
  • Seamless Inventory Management
  • Easy Integration of Tax & Shipping
  • Easy To Monitor eCommerce Analytics

Over the past 2 years, we have built hundreds of online stores and multi-vendor marketplaces for B2-B and B2C businesses. Avail of our custom eCommerce website design services to offer exceptionally user-engaging eCommerce experiences to your customers.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development

Our feature-rich custom multi-vendor marketplace solutions cater to the needs of site owners, vendors, and buyers across industries. They allow site owners to have total control over the products sold by vendors, allow the latter to have access to personalized shopfronts, set custom shipping rates for products, and view sales numbers and customer information on the dashboard. Also, site owners can use analytics to gauge the performance of their marketing campaigns. Following are some of the features we include in a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace:

Microsite Features

Unique profile for each seller/vendor.

Product Catalogue

Individual collection of products for sellers.

Product Approval

Admin-controlled product approval process.


Seller-wise commission setting.


Vendor-wise sales reports.

eCommerce Website Development - Core Features

The success of an eCommerce website depends on the features and functionalities it offers. As a trusted eCommerce website design company in Romania, we offer all the essential features required for a successful eCommerce store. Starting from a rich UI/UX to cross-device friendly coding for seamless access across the mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop - we take care of it all. Besides, all our eCommerce portals are developed with the option to scale up as the business grows.

Content Management Capabilities

Mobile Responsive

Multiple Payment Options

Shipping API Integration

Promotion and Discount Management


Easy-to-Use Checkout

Ratings and Reviews

Search Engine Optimized

Reporting Tools

Customers’ Data Collection

The Ability to Scale Up

Why Build an eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites offer a bunch of benefits to shoppers. They can check numerous products from the comfort of their homes, compare prices, review offers, and finally select an online storefront they like. If your business is still limited to a brick-and-mortar store, you will lose a large pie of potential customers. Here's a list of benefits of building an eCommerce website.

Quick Setup

Compared to a physical store, an eCommerce store can be set up much faster. Here, choosing the right eCommerce website development company is the biggest challenge. Once you select the right team for developing your online storefront, they will take you through the rest of the development and deployment process.

Lower Cost

Setting up an eCommerce website costs much less than building a physical store. Further, once your website goes live, the maintenance cost is much lower than managing the physical store. All you need is to renew your domain name, the hosting server space, and a few essential plugins, periodically. Therefore, building an eCommerce website is a profitable investment.

Bigger Reach

An online portal helps a business to reach out to more customers, irrespective of the location of the business. You simply need to offer a large inventory of products and competitive pricing. By engaging a reputable shipping company you can target the whole country and also a few overseas countries of your choice.

24x7 Open

An eCommerce website never sleeps. Unlike a physical store that has fixed operational hours, an online store remains open round the clock. This helps your customers to shop at their convenient time. Further, with the inclusion of an AI-driven chatbot, you can handle your customers’ queries real fast. This produces a positive impact on your revenue.

Lower Marketing Cost

Creating an eCommerce website is the first step toward your business growth. To leverage the full potential of your e-store, you need to market it properly. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, where your marketing options are limited to print and electronics media, digital marketing offers multiple channels and lets you reach more customers at a lower cost.

Performance Monitoring

Every eCommerce website comes with some sort of reporting and analytical tools. By using these tools effectively, you can measure the performance of your online store. You can get an insight into the products that attract your customers the most. You can also take effective decisions by analyzing the demographics of the customers.

eCommerce Website Design Company - Partner with Us

As a trusted eCommerce website design company in Romania, we guarantee you the following:

Specialized In eCommerce

Out of the wide range of services we provide, eCommerce web development is our specialization.

Innovative Designs

Our innovative eCommerce developers ensure that your eCommerce website is always unique and stands out from the crowd.

On-Time Delivery

As the top eCommerce website design company, we ensure the timely delivery of your online store.

Dedicated Team

We have a large pool of experienced eCommerce developers for amazing eCommerce website development.

Over the last 2 years, we have delivered hundreds of online stores to a large number of B2C & B2-B businesses. Furthermore, we have effectively promoted them through result-driven digital marketing services. Trust the best eCommerce website builder in Romania and we will deliver the right digital solutions for your business.


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